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Vampire Author Elizabeth Loraine Interviewed

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Review of The Lure of the Vampire and interview with Bertena Varney.

The Lure of the Vampire takes the reader on a comprehensive tour of all things vampire. Varney starts with the origins of the vampire including Judas Iscariot and Cain, son of Adam and Eve. Early Vampire Lit includes LeFanu's Carmilla and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Some of the current vampire that piqued my interest are: Cirque du Freak about a young boy who visits a freak show and becomes a vampire's assistant; Vampire Shrink which equates the events of 911 to the rise in popularity of vampire heroes; and even Nancy Drew getting into the vampire slayer act.
I love the titles Bite Me, Life Sucks and It Sucks to be Me. Varney also has a section on kid friendly vampire books and television shows. Speaking of youths interested in vampire books, I wish I'd been there when Bertena was interviewing customers who were shopping in the Young Adult section and looking at the vampire books in that aisle. Varney's book is like an advent calendar; each chapter opens up an interesting aspect of the Undead. Come along for a colorful ride.
Bertena Varney Interviewed
 Question1. Melissa de la Cruz portrays vampires as fallen angels who must reincarnate as a human until redeemed. What's your take on this?

Answer: I absolutely love it. I love the idea that some of them are the ones that chose to follow Lucifer and others like Michael and Gabriel that fell to earth to try and help them redeem themselves and they fact that they live life over and over is so interesting. I love how she has used historical events to tell the story. Being a former history teacher I love the idea of Roanoke's colony being overran by the bad vampires,  also the fact that Nero was a vampire, etc. This series is one of the few that I rush out and buy the minute it hits the store.

Question: 2. Do you believe in past lives?  If so, have you looked into any of yours?

Answer: I am still on the fence about this. I have a religious belief that most wouldn't understand but in a short version. We had a life in Paradise with God, one here and one in the end after salvation. I do feel that souls from these places have met and interacted and known each other. I have had past life sessions done and I have been everything from an evil tyrant, an accountant, an historical archaeologist, and more. But, I keep my mind open.

Question:3. Some metaphysical writers say that life on the Physical Plane is a giant school in which people come to their lives with an assignment or a series of assignments. What are some of your assignments in life?

Answer: Well are you speaking like the Akashic Records or the Book of Life? Hum... my assignment.. well I never thought of this before. I just try to make it day by day without stressing out or quitting. I just really haven't thought about it but I may do so now.

Question: 4. A friend told me about a vampire novel in which the main character is a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp. Unfortunately, the title and author escape me. Have you heard of it?

Answer: Would it be- Stargazer by Miguel Conner or The Midnight Guardian A millennial Novel by Sarah Jane Stratford.

Question: 4a. What do you think of this concept for a novel?

Answer: I think that it would be an interesting read for those who love history or what I call lovers of traditional vampires. I think that many males are looking forward to type of vampire story- intertwined with history and blood. I think that it would be a great it for many. There are so many vampire fans out there that it would be perfect for them.
Question: 5. Tell me more about Lillian, your vampire role playing character.
Answer: Lillian the character that I created for role playing but Elizabeth Loraine took the character and made it her own in the story. She is different but with some of the same characteristics. My character is very strong, vengeful, and blood thirsty. She is royalty and not afraid to use it. She had one weakness- this one love but found strength in a second soul mate. She travels from Britain to America and has been everything from a photographer to a bar owner. I envision her as a Betty Page looking vampire- very sexy but very much a kick ass character. Elizabeth has taken her and made her her own. I told her the story and she wrote a wonderful novella with a character that so many readers love.
Question: 6. Will YOU be writing any vampire fiction (or any more books on the subject)?
Answer: I don't write fiction. I just shared my character with my dear friend who has the talent to turn a wonderful story. I and Stavros another author friend of mine will have  a Free novella out titled Vampire News. It will be a compilation of reviews, interviews, news clippings, etc of vampire related news from 2011. It will be coming out within the next few weeks!

Thank you, Bertena. I'm looking forward to the release of the free novella. Once it is released, I will spread the word.

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